You Are What You Think About All Day



A man is what he thinks all day long.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Have you ever wondered, why some people have everything – success, confidence, financial comfort, and they are improving continuously, while others struggle tomake ends meet”, and plummet ever downwards?

The difference lies in the deep-rooted thought patterns, which exist in theirs subconscious mind and are those that they think all day. The common way of thinking and therefore our beliefs determine our destiny.

What are you thinking now? What were you thinking lately? Did you make thoughts of improvement, success and abundance, or thoughts of doubt, worry and lack?

Successful people are holding thriving, beneficial thoughts, thoughts of self-improvement and abundance. Failures continue to think about how many times they failed, how many often they fail, and, continuously create excuses or/and blame others for their failures, setting up by this way their subconscious in a state of failure expectancy.

Your mind brings on the “dish” what you think all the time. You can easily observe this statement in your personal life. Don’t direct your mind on deprivation, jealousy and what you don’t have at this moment.

You can choose your thoughts and focus on your personal development and on the creation of prosperity for yourself and those around you. Make thoughts of success and prosperity, better personal and professional relationships, abundance of spiritual and material goods.

Remember, you create your life continuously through your own thoughts.



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