Someone made a house out of cardboard— and it can be assembled in a day


wikkelhouse - a house made out of cardboard

Would you believe us if we told you that this little home, named the Wikkelhouse, was actually made out of cardboard?

That’s exactly what the Dutch design company Fiction Factory have spent the last four years designing, creating and perfecting.

Here’s how it all comes together. First, they came up with a modular shape, shown here in this tiny model. To build a full-size Wikkelhouse, they use large rolls of recycled corrugated cardboard. That cardboard is then fed into a machine…

Where it receives a coating of eco-friendly adhesive. Once the adhesive has been applied, the cardboard is then wrapped around a full-size frame. The glued cardboard is wrapped around the frame 24 times, making it very strong. The frame is rotated, allowing the cardboard to be made into the right shape.

Once the Wikkelhouse, which means “Wrapping House” in Dutch, has the cardboard frame, they then finish it with a coating to make it waterproof, and wood paneling to protect it, just like a normal house.

Inside, the cardboard frame is covered with wooden panels, and can be decorated however you wish. Due to it being modular, it can be installed in just a single day.

The design can also be customized, if you want a larger home, you just add more sections to it. There are even modules that have a bathroom and kitchen built-in too.

The Wikkelhouse is completely made from sustainable and recyclable components, so it can be recycled in the future.

To learn more watch the videos below:



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