9 Famous Success Through Failure Stories To Get You Motivated


Failure Stories Get You Motivated

Is there something you’ve been always dreaming of, but never gave it a chance, because everyone was telling you it was a bad idea and it would never grow into something real?

Did you want to start a small business? Maybe write a book? Become a professional pianist? Starting is always hard, especially when your friends and family tell you this won’t work. But this is your life and your choice. So choose to dare! There are lots of examples of successful people who reached their dreams by constantly trying and working hard and going through failures.

Thomas Edison was kicked out of school and taught by his mother at home because the teachers said he was too stupid to learn anything. And yet he successfully invented the first lightbulb. He had failed countless times before succeeding. And here’s the attitude that helped Edison on his way:

“I haven’t failed. I’ve just found 10 000 ways that won’t work.”

As long as you develop this kind of thinking, the road towards your goals will become easier. Failures are lessons, and should always be treated as such. Analyze why you’ve failed at this attempt. Why did it go wrong? What should be done differently this time? And move to your next attempt. Try, try and try until you finally succeed.

Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because “he lacked imagination”. He was also turned down more than 300 times before he had got financing for Disney World. And today there isn’t a single person who hasn’t heard about Mickey and Goofy and Disneyland.

Start moving towards your dream today, ignore what people around you say and instead surround yourself with the ones who believe in you.

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