Sculpt Those Arms! – Infographic


Sculpt Those Arms Infographic

Many of us look on in envy at people on TV and the Internet whose arms are so perfectly toned, it’s as if a higher force sculpted them.

Women in particular often crave arms that are sculpted without being outrageously muscular and the path to achieving this goal needs to be chosen carefully.

There are numerous reasons as to why women have a burning desire to tone their arms. They are often among the most visible parts of the female anatomy, so toned arms can enhance the overall appearance and possibly detract from flabby areas elsewhere. Also, women tend to place a lot of emphasis on imitating role models, and in this case, the likes of Madonna, Michelle Obama, and Jessica Biel have made the toned arm look quite fashionable.

Unfortunately, our bodies will naturally grow flabbier as our years advance, while gravity pulls on the back of the arms to create the appearance of flab. However, a series of suitable exercises can quickly tone arms to great effect. Arm circles, shoulder presses and triceps push-backs can all be performed in minimal time from the comfort of your own home and using only a pair of dumbbells. If there’s any aspect of these exercises over which you have doubts, it’s important to talk to a doctor first to be reassured that these workouts won’t be more harmful than helpful in the long-run.

Indeed, the beauty of these exercises is that you don’t even need proper equipment to perform them (although a set of dumbbells won’t set you back much). If you have to improvise, you can use items such as full bottles of water as a substitute until you get your hands on some dumbbells. The exercises also allow for great scope and flexibility in that you can start off small and increase your targets as you go along, as well as switching between workouts so that they don’t become monotonous.

If you would like to work on toning your arms just like Madonna, Michelle, and Jessica, check out the infographic below from Supplement Mart (

Sculp those arms workout for your arms


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