The Smarter And Greener Future of Construction


Smarter Greener Future of Construction

With the increase in technological advancement, the construction industry is experiencing more automation than any other industry.

Most of the challenges in the construction industry are counter-attacked by technology.

The most recent advancement is the Robot Swarm. These are small robots that use artificial intelligence to work in clusters to build huge structures. A swarm would include different types of robots with different specifications. Yet, they combine together and finish the given job with artificial intelligence. Due to some technological error, if a robot fails to contribute, the rest would complete the job. This reduces on-site human presence, which reduces dangerous construction site accidents.

3D printing helps in constructing main structures in the houses and other buildings. They reduce waste and error to a great extent. Giant printers are used to build structures out of raw materials reducing human labor to a greater level. Though this method is not very popular, many companies in Europe and China have started using this.

Other innovative products are Micro-algae that grow on the glass to create renewable energy and also to increase shade, Aerogel super-insulator which has four times the insulating power of fiberglass but is the least dense substance on earth, transparent aluminium, which is harder than glass is used for skyscraper constructions and many others.

Smart building methodologies do not just include materials, it also revolves around technology like system integration, environmental control, data collection, productivity benefits and others. Best examples of the smart building are Edge in Amsterdam and Crystal in London.

Enjoy “The Smarter And Greener Future of Construction” infographic and tell us what you think:

Smarter and Greener: The Future of Building

*This Infographic was brought to us by Rubber Bond.


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