Mindful Decluttering – Infographic


Mindful Decluttering - Infographic

Research shows that living in clutter can be bad for your health.

A messy home can lead to anxiety, increase stress levels, raise blood pressure and leave you feeling exhausted. This infographic takes a look at some of the reasons we hoard and are reluctant to throw things away.

It also offers hints on tips on how to carry out mindful de-cluttering, which is more than just throwing everything into the bin or a skip. Mindful de-cluttering is about knowing the reasons why you keep things that are just taking up space in your mind and home.

A systematic, timed approach will enable you to unburden your mind and dispose of things in a thoughtful way. Giving nearly new items to charity gives purpose to your de-cluttering, while making the wrench from what amounts to rubbish, and actually putting it into a dustbin can cause a raft of emotions that may be difficult to deal with. However, at the end of the de-clutter you will undoubtedly feel relieved, even rejuvenated, as you literally unload the clutter from your mind.

Take a look at some of the science behind the clutter. Be inspired to change the way you keep and store things with the help of the infographic.

Start today and look forward to a clearer tomorrow.

Mindful Decluttering

*This infographic was brought to us by Flexyspace.com


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