European Road Trip – Infographic


European Road Trip - Infographic

When was your last road trip? Any ideas for new places to visit?

If you love driving but are fed up with being stuck on heavily congested roads and motorways in the UK, take to the roads in the European Union to give yourself, and perhaps a mate, the road trip of a lifetime before the possible knock-on effects of Bretix spoil your opportunities.

This infographic highlights some of the most amazing roads in Norway, even though it’s not classified as being in the EU some of their roads are sufficiently noteworthy to be included, Italy, Switzerland, and France.

You’ll need a head for heights as these trips take you down spectacular mountain roads with some of the tightest hairpin bends to test your driving skills to the max. Many of these awesome roads aren’t open in the winter, so make your journey during the summer months to enjoy the rides at their best.

Before you head off to the across the Channel you’ll need to ensure that you are carrying the ‘must haves’ to make you road legal, this includes the correct driving documents, insurance for your car and health cover for yourself, and any passengers. To give you the heads-up on what’s required they’re listed in the infographic. Likewise, the adaptations for your car and the supplies you are obliged to carry are listed too.

Europe Union Road Trip Infographic

Take to the open roads on a road trip of a lifetime, stop along the way in some of the hotels we’ve suggested.

If you want to drive in real style and comfort, consider driving one of the ultimate cars we’ve recommended to help you get the most out of your European road trip.



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