Making Your Student Room Feel Like Home – Infographic


Making Student Room Like Home Infographic

Student rooms don’t have to be dull, bland and boring. It is easy to transform them into a home-from-home using inspirational ideas you will find in this infographic.

Instant makeovers don’t have to cost a fortune; simply by moving furniture around you can change the look of a room.

Put some color and energy onto walls without painting or wallpapering by displaying personal photographs, posters or wall decals. Have fun with the display, make it heart shaped or randomly placed to cover unsightly marks.

Brighten up a student room by using inexpensive fairy lights, which are much kinder to your eyes than a central ceiling light. Alternatively add table lamps to highlight dark, gloomy corners.

Storage doesn’t have to be a problem either. Think outside the box so to speak, and use the space under your bed or use decorative boxes and make a feature of your stored items.

Bring a fresh smell into the room using scented candles or reeds, much nice than stale odors or your roommate’s smelly socks.

One aspect you should try to keep in order clutter. It may be easy to have a floor robe, but it will only make your room look and feel much smaller, not to mention a messy state that you’ll soon tire of.

Use the infographic to get a handle on how to make your student room more liveable. It will boost your morale and give you a place you can call home.

Student room infographic


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