7 Essential Items in Your Emergency Survival Kit – Infographic


Items Emergency Survival Kit Infographic

Life is a journey with lots of ups and downs. While enjoying good times, you hardly think of the situations that might give you troubles.

Biggest examples of such uninvited experiences are accidents and natural disasters. And, this is when you get to learn from wild experiences.

So, to prepare for any sort of mishappening in the future that can occur anytime and anywhere. Here is a list of seven essential items that you should pack in your survival kit.

1. Food – Your emergency survival kit should comprise of least 3-day supply of non-perishable food items with a long shelf-life. Keep replacing the food annually. Carry freeze-dried food and nutritional food bars. They are portable and suggested by survival experts. If traveling or staying with babies or pets, carry baby food and formula and pet food.

2. Water – Like food, water is important too. You will need lots of water for cooking and for hygiene purposes also. So, it is recommended that you carry three gallons of water per person to accommodate for a 3-day supply. You can also include bottled water but it should not be too old. Another option is to carry water with a shelf life of 5 to 50 years which is specially packaged for emergency situations.

3. First-Aid – In times of crisis, when you might not get services of doctors and hospitals, these supplies will help you deal with illnesses or injuries. Like, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, hydrogen peroxide to wash and disinfect wounds, eye drops, medicines for diarrhea, pain and fever, bandage strips, elastic bandages, cotton roll, sterile gauze pads, cold packs for sprains, adhesive tape rolls, scissors, burn gel and thermometer.

4. Shelter and Warmth – Under emergency circumstances, your office or house becomes an unsafe place to re-enter or in case, if you are far away from your dwelling, you will need some place to work as a shelter for you. So, you should pack a tent, a sleeping bag, vinyl tarps for ground cover, some thermal blankets according to the number of persons with you, hand and body warmers and rain ponchos in your emergency preparedness kit.

5. Sanitation and Hygiene – With no bathrooms around, your daily needs get hampered. So carry a pail that will work as a makeshift for the toilet. Along with this, you should have enough supplies of  toilet paper roll, tissues, garbage bags, plastic ties, toothbrush and toothpaste, sanitary napkins, hand sanitizer and soaps in bar and strip form.

6. Lighting and Communication – For a better visibility, navigation and to communicate with people, your kit must comprise of these essential things- battery-powered or solar-powered radio and flashlight, some spare batteries, candles, lanterns, waterproof matches, lighter, phone chargers and whistle for signaling.

7. Survival Gear – In times of any sort of crisis or emergencies, the right set of tools and equipment can help, so, carry a multi-function knife, plastic sheeting, duct masks, sturdy gloves, moveable stove and a good quantity of fuel along with you.

Other Items – Besides all these, you should carry some cash, heavy duty shoes, garden hose, baby diapers along with extra clothing in your emergency survival kit.

These are the seven ‘not-to-be-missed’ items that are mandatory for your survival kit. You can also add or adjust these items as per your understanding and according to what and what doesn’t work for you. All this might sound a bit difficult, but remember, nothing is more precious than staying alive.

Want to know more about this emergency survival kit in detail? Here is an infographic by More Prepared, a survival preparedness expert.

7 essential items for survival kit



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