The Driving Dead – Infographic


When you are being tracked, and menaced by zombies you need a vehicle that will give you a fast get-away and have the ability to help you plough through zombies on the way.

As season 7 of the Walking Dead is nearly upon us Select Car Leasing have been looking at the vehicles used in the American horror-drama to see whether they’d be any good should a zombie apocalypse actually occur.

You’ll find that we’ve given you the low down on each vehicles ability to kill zombies, an important aspect when you’re trying to plough your way through them, and how fast the vehicles can get from 0-60, because fast get-aways are essential when you’re trying to drive through a crowd of zombies who are set on eating your flesh. Our pros and cons highlights….well….the advantages and disadvantages we consider each vehicle to posses or not.

So, take a look at our infographic “A Guide To The Vehicles Of The Walking Dead” below and see which vehicles we consider to be sufficiently noteworthy to make it onto our list.

the driving dead infographic


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