Child-Friendly Floor Space – Infographic


Child-Friendly Floor Space - Infographic

When trying to make a child-friendly room every aspect has to be taken into consideration, with the floor being the highest priority as this is where children and babies will spend most of their time playing and learning.

Early year’s development starts with tummy time, then crawling and moving until they learn to walk. Once walking children still require a child-friendly floor space to move around and sit on. This infographic takes a look at some of the ways you can make floor space a safe environment for children of all ages, more especially babies and toddlers.

You’ll find that whatever type of flooring in the home, whether it be carpet, wood or laminate, a well-chosen rug is a fabulous way to make the floor more child-friendly. Soft to the touch, robust and durable a rug can help a child discover their world in safety and comfort.

Rugs can also play a huge role in your child’s early learning and development, providing them with texture, color, and pattern to enrich their sensory skills. As a child grows a soft place to sit and play is also vital and what better place to be than sitting on a soft rug to browse the pages of a book or listen to music.

The play and learning possibilities for children are an experience that should be relished and enjoyed and what better place for a child to thrive than in a room that has a child-friendly floor space.

child-friendly floorspace


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