How to Create a Harry Potter Style Party – Infographic


Creating a Harry Potter Style Party - Infographic

Hogwarts here we come! It’s time to get your wand and be the wizard you know you can be when you have this dazzling Harry Potter party.

Everyone will be ready to board at Kings Cross Station on platform 9 ¾ when your home is party ready.

The new Harry Potter movie comes from the writings of “magizoologist”, Newt Scamander, but some things never change. They mystical world of wizardry is always part of the story line. Make your home become the land of wizardry with a magical look that is unmistakably Potterish.

Whether crossing through the brick wall to the train or sitting in the main dining hall at Hogwarts, your guests will love the authentic appearance that turned your home into the amazing wonderland of sorcery. Finding Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom will add to the display for every loyal Harry Potter fan. Who can forget that charming, albeit irritating ghost that haunted the girl’s bathroom at Hogwarts?

You can add interesting touches, like Polyjuice potion that can change those drinking it to someone else. It plays a prominent role in the story of Harry Potter and you can provide it for your guests. Use lemonade or water with a touch of green food coloring and put the potion prominently displayed in a mystical bottle, with cups available for anyone who dares to drink it.

Whether a faithful Potter fan or an occasional viewer, it’s hard not to love this dazzling display of fantasy and magic.

You’ll be among the royalty of party presenters when your next bash has all the elements of magic and whimsy.

Whether serving home-made Butter Beer or serving store bought sweets like chocolate frogs or licorice wands, your home will be an extraordinary supernatural world that will enchant even the most skeptical muggle.

Read on to see how you to can create a Harry Potter style party.


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