Modern Living in Rural Locations – Infographic


Modern Living in Rural Locations Infographic

Escaping to the country or living your life in a rural location maybe an idyll, but when it comes to having a decent internet speed, reliable fuel deliveries and more of the technological advances that many city dwellers take for granted, it is often a different story.

In this infographic, we take a look at some of the reasons some rural communities have poor internet connections, struggle with winter fuel deliveries and have limited fast response times.

We discover what industry leaders and the government are doing to help combat the problems to bring life in rural areas into the 21st century.

We highlight what one MBE industry leader is doing to help solve the situation, along with how fuel will be delivered in the future and one Trust that this having defibrillators installed into telephone boxes to help save lives.

Those who live in cities and towns take many of these things for granted, and never stop to think that in this day and age life anywhere else would be different, however, this is far from the truth in many parts of the UK.

Read on to discover how living in rural areas is changing to give people the peace, quiet and lower pollution levels they dream of, with fuel when they need it, prompt first response teams in times of accidents and emergencies and without having to ‘make do’ with slow internet speeds.

Modern Living In Rural Areas


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