Apps for Home Improvement – Infographic


Apps Home Improvement nfographic

Beginning a home improvement project is definitely exciting but there’s no doubting the fact that it can be daunting too.

There is so much to think about even before you get started: the budget, your goals, your timeframe expectation and so on.

No matter what size the project is going to be, it needs to be well planned and researched. Obviously, some projects differ in that people want to carry out the home improvements for different reasons. Perhaps you plan to sell on your home and so you wish to do some work that will result in improving its sale value or perhaps your goals are more short term than that and for example, you want to create a beautiful home office using an unutilized part of the home.

Technology can definitely help you and the below infographic will cover that.

There are also other ways to make your home improvement project a success. You should discuss the matter with trusted family and friends and get their opinion. Be sure to outline your goals (for example “you need more study space”) and you might learn from past experience from them. Crucially, unless you plan on carrying out all the work yourself, you can get vital recommendations from friends and family about reliable plumbers, carpenters, builders.

We have all heard of horror stories involving unreliable trades people so best to do your homework in advance and book only the best. When you get in touch with them yourself, also ask to see some other previous projects; they might have this on their website/Facebook page so check those out before you make a decision on who you work with on the project.

This infographic from the guys at EZ Living highlights some fantastic apps that will help you on your home improvement project journey.

These apps are segmented to different stages of the project so there are sure to be some that will assist you! Check it out below.

home improvement infographic

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