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Hello, I’m Karen. I’m a journalist, photographer, and artist from Boise, Idaho. I own I love exploring nature, taking photographs, and writing stories about real people who do amazing things. I am passionate about being creative, happy and healthy. I enjoy writing about health and fitness, motivation and many other topics. I am a risk-taker, adventurer and traveler. I have high aspirations about living my dreams and I believe anything is possible. You can write to me at or @idaho1111, and see more of my writing at Google plus.

10 Key Elements of a Productive Workday


Key Elements of a Productive Workday

No matter what type of work you do, It can sometimes be difficult to sort through all the “small stuff” that naturally rolls across your desk while staying focused on the larger goals you want to reach.

We all hope to be mindful of choices when setting up a work routine that will enable us to be happy and productive.

As a small business owner, I have learned through experience to make sure I include 10 key elements when planning my work day. Read the rest of this entry