Maintaining Your Timber Decking – Infographic


timber decking

Now that winter is over us and spring has sprung, those of us with timber decking in our garden will gradually begin to make use of it once again, if the warm, sunny weather for which we’re hoping materializes.

There aren’t many more pleasurable experiences than sitting out the back on our decking and supping a cold drink or reading a book while the sun beams down on you. However, this experience becomes harder to enjoy if you don’t look after your timber decking properly, as failure to do so will lead to rot and decay. Read the rest of this entry

Valentine’s Day For Travel Lovers


valentines day for travel lovers

Valentine’s Day may be a distant memory but for a true romantic you don’t need an excuse to treat your loved one.

In fact, it’s actually better to surprise your partner when they’re not expecting it rather than on the day decided by the card companies.

Plus, with payday just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to splash out on something extra-special for your significant other.

Whether you’re celebrating a special anniversary, just feeling extra-loved up at the moment or are needing to get back into your partner’s good books after an argument, we have found an awesome infographic with unique ideas for truly extravagant romantic gifts from around the world.

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Modern Living in Rural Locations – Infographic


Modern Living in Rural Locations Infographic

Escaping to the country or living your life in a rural location maybe an idyll, but when it comes to having a decent internet speed, reliable fuel deliveries and more of the technological advances that many city dwellers take for granted, it is often a different story.

In this infographic, we take a look at some of the reasons some rural communities have poor internet connections, struggle with winter fuel deliveries and have limited fast response times.

We discover what industry leaders and the government are doing to help combat the problems to bring life in rural areas into the 21st century.

We highlight what one MBE industry leader is doing to help solve the situation, along with how fuel will be delivered in the future and one Trust that this having defibrillators installed into telephone boxes to help save lives. Read the rest of this entry

How to Create a Harry Potter Style Party – Infographic


Creating a Harry Potter Style Party - Infographic

Hogwarts here we come! It’s time to get your wand and be the wizard you know you can be when you have this dazzling Harry Potter party.

Everyone will be ready to board at Kings Cross Station on platform 9 ¾ when your home is party ready.

The new Harry Potter movie comes from the writings of “magizoologist”, Newt Scamander, but some things never change. They mystical world of wizardry is always part of the story line. Make your home become the land of wizardry with a magical look that is unmistakably Potterish.

Whether crossing through the brick wall to the train or sitting in the main dining hall at Hogwarts, your guests will love the authentic appearance that turned your home into the amazing wonderland of sorcery. Finding Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom will add to the display for every loyal Harry Potter fan. Who can forget that charming, albeit irritating ghost that haunted the girl’s bathroom at Hogwarts? Read the rest of this entry

5 Ways Reading Can Help You Have a Healthy Mind


ways reading help healthy mind

Have you ever had the feeling of being caught in the action of a book? The pleasure of reading a good book and enjoying it offers you a great experience.

In addition, reading is more than just a way of relaxing and detaching yourself from the outside world; it is a method that helps you have a healthy mind.

In order to understand this better, let’s look at the following example. When you work out, you do certain exercises that help you stay in shape, develop muscles and burn fat. You know that working out brings short and long term benefits for your body. Also, while doing them, you focus on the exercises and on doing them properly.

Reading is the best workout your mind can have. You take care of your mind’s health while doing something that makes you happy. It is interesting to see that reading can bring the exact benefits for your mind. Read the rest of this entry

Quentin Tarantino Style Guide – Infographic


Quentin Tarantino Style Guide Infographic

Right from the early days of Quentin Tarantino scripting his first feature as a writer “True Romance” the man has been innovating new paths.

It certainly takes courage for a man to have an extraordinary career in Hollywood after facing the vicissitudes of life. It’s not the only reason why Tarantino’s career is regarded as one of the most significant ones, it’s major because of the inheritance he has passed on to the new filmmakers.

If we have a critical look at the Reservoir Dogs, he has revealed irrationality in most of the elements, though, has maintained a balance so that it does not look loud to the audience. Quentin Tarantino’s technique of utilizing personal inspirations, experimenting with the color scheme, using unusual action sequences and unique dialogues makes Tarantino’s films mesmerizing.

He has crafted some of the most iconic characters, setting up a paradigm for filmmakers worldwide. Quentin Tarantino use of props in the scenes has also been significant, especially in Pulp Fiction where Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace are having their dinner in the retro car booth. It is even enjoyable to watch the use of explicit color schemes in most of his films.

If you too are a filmmaker then Quentin Tarantino’s style guide can undoubtedly be handy in your career.

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8 Ways to Improve your Self-Esteem



Often we hear the term self-esteem. But, what does it mean?

Self-esteem is the acceptance of oneself in its wholeness, both of our strengths and positive characteristics and our negative traits and weaknesses. It is essentially the degree to which we value, respect and accept ourselves.

How Low Self-Esteem Develops?

Low self-esteem is a very common phenomenon and one of the main reasons one needs psychotherapy in order to strengthen it. It is largely determined by the experiences one had with familiar persons (parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.) from the beginning of his life. Read the rest of this entry

Child-Friendly Floor Space – Infographic


Child-Friendly Floor Space - Infographic

When trying to make a child-friendly room every aspect has to be taken into consideration, with the floor being the highest priority as this is where children and babies will spend most of their time playing and learning.

Early year’s development starts with tummy time, then crawling and moving until they learn to walk. Once walking children still require a child-friendly floor space to move around and sit on. This infographic takes a look at some of the ways you can make floor space a safe environment for children of all ages, more especially babies and toddlers.

You’ll find that whatever type of flooring in the home, whether it be carpet, wood or laminate, a well-chosen rug is a fabulous way to make the floor more child-friendly. Soft to the touch, robust and durable a rug can help a child discover their world in safety and comfort. Read the rest of this entry

Your Winter and Christmas Style Guides – Infographic


Winter and Christmas Style Guide

Christmas is here, just round the corner & have you styled your space yet?

If no, then don’t fret. Here are some unique ideas to decorate your home this season, the Hollywood flicks way.

With the onset of dull, chilly winters everything seems dull & lackluster. Choose any idea from the infographic below and brighten your habitat with chic ideas to make this festive season a classy one. Revive your home with swanky changes.

Take inspiration from the timeless Christmas classics and decorate your interiors & exteriors with panache. Transform your bedroom with tasteful comfy bedspreads, quilts & statement rugs. Make your space timeless with a festive rich color palette, shimmering walls & decor glistening with the holiday spirit. Complement your kitchen with Retro kitchen table. Adorn your entryway with elegant style pieces & celestial LED lights. Create a jade effect with the decorative plants. Read the rest of this entry

10 Ways to De-Stress Your Mind and Body – Infographic


Ways De-Stress Mind and Body Infographic

Feeling stressed out lately? Know what you should do? Rest and relax your mind and body a little, even a lot!

Don’t feel bad when you take a break or get some alone time for yourself. With all of the hard work you’ve done, you deserve it!

You actually don’t have to travel miles away or go to an expensive spa (though that could be helpful), you can simply do these 10 simple yet effective things.

listed in this infographic created with Visme, to de-stress both your mind and body.

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