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Energy Efficient and Sustainable Buildings – Infographic


Energy Efficient Sustainable Buildings

This infographic takes a look at energy efficient and sustainable buildings.

It is estimated that by 2050 the Earth’s population will have grown to an incredible 3 billion. With 70% of people choosing to live in cities sustainable and energy efficient buildings are needed sooner rather than later.

The increase in demand is most definitely a certainty that can, and should not, be ignored. The issue of designing and constructing sustainable buildings needs to be addressed now, without having adverse effects on other areas. Creating jobs and saving money, energy efficiency and sustainability will be essential for future businesses and homes. Read the rest of this entry

The Smarter And Greener Future of Construction


Smarter Greener Future of Construction

With the increase in technological advancement, the construction industry is experiencing more automation than any other industry.

Most of the challenges in the construction industry are counter-attacked by technology.

The most recent advancement is the Robot Swarm. These are small robots that use artificial intelligence to work in clusters to build huge structures. A swarm would include different types of robots with different specifications. Yet, they combine together and finish the given job with artificial intelligence. Due to some technological error, if a robot fails to contribute, the rest would complete the job. This reduces on-site human presence, which reduces dangerous construction site accidents. Read the rest of this entry