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Office Ergonomics: The Complete Guide to Proper Posture


Complete Guide Proper Posture

Sitting at a desk for hours on end is something that most people in the workplace are very familiar with.

Along with that comes the inevitable wrist pain, eye strain, or back pain that we all have to deal with. But did you know that too much sitting can lead to heart failure later in life, and can slow down your metabolism almost 90% after just 30 minutes of sitting?

If you are sitting at your desk right now reading this, not to worry, you can combat these effects with proper ergonomics at your office.

GetVoIP, a cloud communication advisor, has put together the complete guide to office ergonomics. This will help you properly align your posture so that you will avoid painful injuries caused by repetitive motions like carpal tunnel, lower back pain and eye strain. Read the rest of this entry