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10 Apps to Help with Home Renovation: Infographic


10 Apps to Help with Home Renovation: Infographic

Thinking about doing some home renovations soon?

Well then check out this infographic from Half Price which takes you through all the different home improvement apps to help you on your journey.

Getting the motivation to get started on projects can be difficult but with great apps like Houzz, it should be a bit easier. Houzz allows you to peek inside the home of other people to see what changes they’re making in their home. Read the rest of this entry

Making Your Student Room Feel Like Home – Infographic


Making Student Room Like Home Infographic

Student rooms don’t have to be dull, bland and boring. It is easy to transform them into a home-from-home using inspirational ideas you will find in this infographic.

Instant makeovers don’t have to cost a fortune; simply by moving furniture around you can change the look of a room.

Put some color and energy onto walls without painting or wallpapering by displaying personal photographs, posters or wall decals. Have fun with the display, make it heart shaped or randomly placed to cover unsightly marks.

Brighten up a student room by using inexpensive fairy lights, which are much kinder to your eyes than a central ceiling light. Alternatively add table lamps to highlight dark, gloomy corners. Read the rest of this entry

Inspirational Ceiling Designs – Infographic


Inspirational Ceiling Designs - Infographic

Every room in a home has a ceiling of some sort, and yet they are often neglected in terms of color and design.

This infographic showcases some inspirational ideas for giving the humble ceiling a touch more visual appeal.

Rather than plain white giving a ceiling, some color can really make it stand out. Interior designers will use a dark color on high ceilings to give the illusion that it is lower, alternatively, they will use light colors to make a low ceiling appear higher.

Ceilings are typically plain, use the ceiling as a place to add artwork, color, and pattern to make it a focal point in the room. Artwork on ceilings has been around for centuries, think along the lines of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel or William Morris, and give a room a design, picture, old style map or artwork that highlights the theme of the room.

In today’s world of interior design, you don’t have to dedicate years of work to get the look, use the latest digital imagery instead. Read the rest of this entry