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Get Fell Running Fit – Infographic


Get Fell Running Fit - Infographic

In the 19th century shepherds needed to have the ability to navigate hills of various gradients in all weathers.

They needed to be sure footed and reach places quickly in order to look after their flocks. Events where the shepherds raced against each other, was soon created and the sport of fell running began.

Racing and running off-road where the gradients vary is the major component of the sport. The Lake District is the ideal terrain, with plenty of routes for novices, intermediate and experienced fell runners.

You may have an inkling of the sport, or maybe you’ve heard it referred to as mountain running and would like to try fell running in the Lake District for yourself. It’s a fabulous way to get fit and enjoy the great outdoors in an area of outstanding natural beauty. However, you do need to be prepared to face the elements, battle against wind, rain and difficult terrain, and for that you need to be wearing the right gear, the correct type of footwear and have an understanding of the style of running you should use for different parts of the courses. Read the rest of this entry

Fitness Secrets of Women at their 40’s


Fitness Secrets of Women

As we age, our body undergoes a wide range of changes that we sometimes are unlikely to notice.

It is only by early 40’s that we would realize the amount of damage that our body has took a toll over the years of eating unhealthy food and lack of exercise. However, it is never too late to live a healthy lifestyle even if you already reach the 40’s.

So prep yourself and get fit today as we present to you in this infographic from Back On Track Fitness the hidden techniques you need to know to achieve the figure that you’ve always wanted.

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10 Key Elements of a Productive Workday


Key Elements of a Productive Workday

No matter what type of work you do, It can sometimes be difficult to sort through all the “small stuff” that naturally rolls across your desk while staying focused on the larger goals you want to reach.

We all hope to be mindful of choices when setting up a work routine that will enable us to be happy and productive.

As a small business owner, I have learned through experience to make sure I include 10 key elements when planning my work day. Read the rest of this entry