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Eat Like an Ancient Roman for a Healthier Lunch – Infographic


Eat Like Ancient Roman Healthier Lunch Infographic

The Ancient Romans have provided Britain with many things, such as roads and reading.

They also led the way in living in towns and cities, but probably more importantly, they showed us a healthy diet.

We’re not talking about lavish banquets of the wealthy, but the diets of everyday folk who ate fresh fruits, vegetables, and plenty of fish.

Today most of us munch a sandwich at out desks which more often than not do little more than stave off hunger. This type of on-the-go lunch rarely has much nutritional goodness, leaving us feeling sluggish and brain-fogged in the afternoons. However, if you eat like the Ancient Romans you’ll find that you will be looking after your body and mind. Read the rest of this entry

Follow Nicoya’s People 9 Recommendations for a Healthier and Longer Life


Follow Nicoya’s People 9 Recommendations

Nicoya is a warm climate peninsula located in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica.

This small country in Central America, where a growing number of its inhabitants reach extreme longevity.

This peninsula has been declared Blue Zone in the Dan Buettner’s research work and National Geographic in 2008.  The Nicoyans are now happy that they can enjoy a long and healthy life with their families and friends just by the fact of living there.  It has been discovered that people in the area can go over 100 years old in good shape by living the Nicoyan way.

The 5 Blue Zones in the world are Nicoya, Costa Rica; Okinawa, Japon; Ikaria, Grecia; Loma Linda, California and the Barbagia region in Sardinia, East Coast of Italy. Read the rest of this entry

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Kids Eat a Healthy Lunch at School



Our kids are at school for more of the waking hours than they are at home.

Because of that, we as parents should ensure that they eat a healthy lunch and get the nutrition and fuel they need to be able to focus, learn and be active to meet the needs of the school day. The trouble is, how do you know what to pack in their lunch to achieve that goal?

This article will serve as a guide to help parents pack a healthy lunch for their children.

By Guest Author – Source: http://www.lifeadvancer.com/kids-eat-healthy-lunch-school