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Follow Nicoya’s People 9 Recommendations for a Healthier and Longer Life


Follow Nicoya’s People 9 Recommendations

Nicoya is a warm climate peninsula located in the province of Guanacaste in Costa Rica.

This small country in Central America, where a growing number of its inhabitants reach extreme longevity.

This peninsula has been declared Blue Zone in the Dan Buettner’s research work and National Geographic in 2008.  The Nicoyans are now happy that they can enjoy a long and healthy life with their families and friends just by the fact of living there.  It has been discovered that people in the area can go over 100 years old in good shape by living the Nicoyan way.

The 5 Blue Zones in the world are Nicoya, Costa Rica; Okinawa, Japon; Ikaria, Grecia; Loma Linda, California and the Barbagia region in Sardinia, East Coast of Italy. Read the rest of this entry

Fitness Secrets of Women at their 40’s


Fitness Secrets of Women

As we age, our body undergoes a wide range of changes that we sometimes are unlikely to notice.

It is only by early 40’s that we would realize the amount of damage that our body has took a toll over the years of eating unhealthy food and lack of exercise. However, it is never too late to live a healthy lifestyle even if you already reach the 40’s.

So prep yourself and get fit today as we present to you in this infographic from Back On Track Fitness the hidden techniques you need to know to achieve the figure that you’ve always wanted.

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