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Childproofing Your Home – Infographic


Childproofing Your Home - Infographic

Bringing up children is exciting and somewhat terrifying. There are a lot of things to think about, more especially once your child starts to become mobile.

Trying to childproof your home may seem like a chore, but when it comes to the safety of your child it is imperative that you reduce the risk of accidents and incidents that can potentially harm or injure them.

You may think tat you’re being overprotective and overly cautious, but when you look at the number of accidents which occur every year in the home, it is good parenting to take precautions whenever possible.

In the infographic below we offer tips on how to childproof your home room by room.

You might think that childproofing every room is going to be expensive, and while there are some pieces of equipment necessary, other things are simply down to a little forward thinking and planning on your part. Read the rest of this entry

How To Make A Hygge Home


Embrace the Hygee trend and make your home a warm and welcoming place for you, your family and friends.

The Danish concept of Hygge is becoming increasingly popular, with the idea of appreciating the small things in life that matter. Whether it’s having a quiet reading nook or sharing a wholesome meal with friends Hygge is about the décor and lifestyle choices you make to promote a sense of happiness and well-being.

Like all interior design styles and healthy living styles Hygge there are definite dos and don’ts if want to create the look in your home.

Banishing the clutter, along with fitted carpets, are considered top priorities. With carpets out, rugs are prevalent in every room to give warmth and comfort underfoot while with adding textural elements to the room. Plain neutral colored rugs with a thick, deep pile are best, as well as sheepskin. Read the rest of this entry

Energy Efficient and Sustainable Buildings – Infographic


Energy Efficient Sustainable Buildings

This infographic takes a look at energy efficient and sustainable buildings.

It is estimated that by 2050 the Earth’s population will have grown to an incredible 3 billion. With 70% of people choosing to live in cities sustainable and energy efficient buildings are needed sooner rather than later.

The increase in demand is most definitely a certainty that can, and should not, be ignored. The issue of designing and constructing sustainable buildings needs to be addressed now, without having adverse effects on other areas. Creating jobs and saving money, energy efficiency and sustainability will be essential for future businesses and homes. Read the rest of this entry

Apps for Home Improvement – Infographic


Apps Home Improvement nfographic

Beginning a home improvement project is definitely exciting but there’s no doubting the fact that it can be daunting too.

There is so much to think about even before you get started: the budget, your goals, your timeframe expectation and so on.

No matter what size the project is going to be, it needs to be well planned and researched. Obviously, some projects differ in that people want to carry out the home improvements for different reasons. Perhaps you plan to sell on your home and so you wish to do some work that will result in improving its sale value or perhaps your goals are more short term than that and for example, you want to create a beautiful home office using an unutilized part of the home.

Technology can definitely help you and the below infographic will cover that.

There are also other ways to make your home improvement project a success. You should discuss the matter with trusted family and friends and get their opinion. Be sure to outline your goals (for example “you need more study space”) and you might learn from past experience from them. Crucially, unless you plan on carrying out all the work yourself, you can get vital recommendations from friends and family about reliable plumbers, carpenters, builders. Read the rest of this entry

Child-Friendly Floor Space – Infographic


Child-Friendly Floor Space - Infographic

When trying to make a child-friendly room every aspect has to be taken into consideration, with the floor being the highest priority as this is where children and babies will spend most of their time playing and learning.

Early year’s development starts with tummy time, then crawling and moving until they learn to walk. Once walking children still require a child-friendly floor space to move around and sit on. This infographic takes a look at some of the ways you can make floor space a safe environment for children of all ages, more especially babies and toddlers.

You’ll find that whatever type of flooring in the home, whether it be carpet, wood or laminate, a well-chosen rug is a fabulous way to make the floor more child-friendly. Soft to the touch, robust and durable a rug can help a child discover their world in safety and comfort. Read the rest of this entry

10 Apps to Help with Home Renovation: Infographic


10 Apps to Help with Home Renovation: Infographic

Thinking about doing some home renovations soon?

Well then check out this infographic from Half Price which takes you through all the different home improvement apps to help you on your journey.

Getting the motivation to get started on projects can be difficult but with great apps like Houzz, it should be a bit easier. Houzz allows you to peek inside the home of other people to see what changes they’re making in their home. Read the rest of this entry