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How To Become A Qualified Plumber – Infographic


How To Become A Qualified Plumber Infographic

Offering fabulous opportunities, a career in the plumbing industry is probably more diverse than you think.

Not only do you get good training and decent wages, many qualified plumbers broaden their horizons and start their own business or turn to consultancy work and even teaching to pass on their much-valued skills to others.

To become a qualified plumber can take many years of training, and with new advances in technology on the job training will be required to keep abreast of the changes.

The infographic below includes information on how much you could potentially earn, the personality traits and skills set you’ll need and the types of things to expect from your chosen career path. Read the rest of this entry

Unusual Jobs of Famous Writers – Infographic


Unusual Jobs of Famous Writers - Infographic

The people become happy and famous when they are dedicated to their life-work they have been cut out for.

That is absolutely amazing when a child absorbs all other people opinions, prejudice, and wrong judgments. Then, it becomes hard to make a choice and instead of listening to your heart, you choose what other people think is the best for you. That happens to many young people who are at the crossways while making the right choice and find out a really good career path for themselves.

A career of a writer is very demanding, and the chances you succeed are minor. Notwithstanding that writing may be your passion, it may be difficult to earn a living. That is why some weird jobs as a nurse that John Grisham was occupied with or an entertainment director as Haruki Murakami, bring more money and freedom to provide a family with all the necessary things. Harper Lee worked as reservation clerk and when he had a year off, he wrote a novel and won Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Read the rest of this entry