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Discover How to Live the Lagom Lifestyle – Infographic


Hygge is passé and Lagom is in. Yes, you heard it right.

Hygge, which was the buzzword in 2016 is surpassed by Lagom (Pronounced Lah-gom) this year and it means “simple, perfect and balanced”.  It’s the talk of the town and everyone is going gaga over this new lifestyle.

It is translated from Swedish as “not too little, not too much, just right. Its considered as a way of living. You cannot make little space for Lagom in your day, instead its an attitude towards life. It is like to be on the verge of being frugal but in an effective way. Hygge was all about cosiness, comfort & lavish style. But Lagom is to live a balanced ecological lifestyle with a positive impact on the environment.

Limited simple furniture and things at home, reduced use of energy, recycling of things as much possible, going green, active lifestyle are few of the ways of going Lagom. Giving up on indulgence & living in moderation sums up Lagom. Read the rest of this entry