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Top Movie Houses – Infographic


In this infographic, we’ve taken a look as some of the most iconic movie houses, the type of homes that have as much importance as the characters themselves.

These movie residences stand out in our minds as being scary, funny or happy places in which classic film storylines have taken place.

We’ve selected a few of our favorite movie houses to share with you, and we’ll sure you’ll agree that when they have captured our imaginations they stayed a part of us. Some of these houses are so iconic that they are now included in location tours, bringing in thousands of dollars every year to the tourist industry as fans travel around the globe to catch a glimpse of them.

We’ve included some interesting facts about each house to give you an indication of their value, who lived, or lives, in them and of course the name of the film they took star roles in. Read the rest of this entry

Quentin Tarantino Style Guide – Infographic


Quentin Tarantino Style Guide Infographic

Right from the early days of Quentin Tarantino scripting his first feature as a writer “True Romance” the man has been innovating new paths.

It certainly takes courage for a man to have an extraordinary career in Hollywood after facing the vicissitudes of life. It’s not the only reason why Tarantino’s career is regarded as one of the most significant ones, it’s major because of the inheritance he has passed on to the new filmmakers.

If we have a critical look at the Reservoir Dogs, he has revealed irrationality in most of the elements, though, has maintained a balance so that it does not look loud to the audience. Quentin Tarantino’s technique of utilizing personal inspirations, experimenting with the color scheme, using unusual action sequences and unique dialogues makes Tarantino’s films mesmerizing.

He has crafted some of the most iconic characters, setting up a paradigm for filmmakers worldwide. Quentin Tarantino use of props in the scenes has also been significant, especially in Pulp Fiction where Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace are having their dinner in the retro car booth. It is even enjoyable to watch the use of explicit color schemes in most of his films.

If you too are a filmmaker then Quentin Tarantino’s style guide can undoubtedly be handy in your career.

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Your Winter and Christmas Style Guides – Infographic


Winter and Christmas Style Guide

Christmas is here, just round the corner & have you styled your space yet?

If no, then don’t fret. Here are some unique ideas to decorate your home this season, the Hollywood flicks way.

With the onset of dull, chilly winters everything seems dull & lackluster. Choose any idea from the infographic below and brighten your habitat with chic ideas to make this festive season a classy one. Revive your home with swanky changes.

Take inspiration from the timeless Christmas classics and decorate your interiors & exteriors with panache. Transform your bedroom with tasteful comfy bedspreads, quilts & statement rugs. Make your space timeless with a festive rich color palette, shimmering walls & decor glistening with the holiday spirit. Complement your kitchen with Retro kitchen table. Adorn your entryway with elegant style pieces & celestial LED lights. Create a jade effect with the decorative plants. Read the rest of this entry