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How A Volunteer Trip Helps Improving These 8 Career Skills


Volunteer Trip Helps Improving Career Skills

If you’ve ever wondered, when someone told you about taking a volunteer trip abroad, how is it any different from a regular vacation, this article is a must read for you. One of the many benefits of volunteering abroad that goes unnoticed most of the times is the career skill enhancement that it helps with.

Yes! A volunteer program allows you to not only help build communities and give it back to the society but also sharpen your skills along the way; that’d help you in your career prospects.

Wondering how exactly?!

Here is a list of career skills that you either gain or improve upon on a large scale during a volunteer trip abroad;

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The Angel Fall — The Highest Waterfall in the World


In March of 2011, Dima Moiseenko flew to Venezuela to shoot Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall. Due to extremely unstable weather conditions that covered the region, a long distance and technical difficulties the photo session lasted for two days. However, all of these difficulties were overcome. Dima managed to shoot Angel Falls and two other waterfalls that flow from the Tepui. He also managed to shoot some spherical panoramas while flying over the gold mines.

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